We are an inclusive partnership of church and community schools underpinned by a shared vision, common values and a commitment to providing an excellent education to all the young people we serve.


As a family of schools, we work collaboratively to celebrate and nurture both the similarities and distinctiveness of each school’s individual ethos and values.


We celebrate the uniqueness of all pupils, and through outstanding pastoral care, academic challenge and inspirational teaching we support each child to flourish and succeed.


We develop outstanding leadership at all levels that delivers maximum achievement whilst supporting and developing the vision and values that underpin all we do.


We generate positive and challenging learning environments which allow staff to grow and thrive through excellent professional development.


We nurture an ethos in which children learn by example and grow spiritually, morally and socially to understand the uniqueness and diversity of communities, faiths and cultures – locally, nationally and internationally.


Partnering with the Church of England, other schools, educational institutions and the Pathfinder Teaching School to ensure we provide an outstanding education from pre-school to post 16.