Trade Union Facility Time

As a public sector organisation, the MAT is required by law (Trade Union Facility Time Publication Requirements Regulations 2017) to publish, annually, information on facility time.

The information we are required to provide is set out below.

Number of employees in the organisation (Category) 50 – 1500
Number and FTE of Trade Union representatives in the organisation 0
Percentage of working hours spent on trade union facility time 0%
Total pay bill for the organisation (including pension and NI costs) £14,313.00
Total cost of Facility Time £9,067
Percentage pay bill spent on facility time 0.06%
Hours spent on paid facility time 0
Hours spent on trade union activities 0
Percentage of total paid facility time hours spent on TU activities 0

In our case non of our direct employees are paid as trade union representatives, which is why the majority of the figures provided above are 0.

Instead, the MAT has entered into a Service Level Agreement with the Local Authority which means that we are able to use the various trade union representatives that are employed by the Local Authority, when required. The current cost of this SLA is £9,067 per year which allows unlimited access to representation for all staff in all of our Trust’s individual schools.

The cost of this SLA is the equivalent of 0.06% of our total pay bill.

This means that our staff have easy access to a trained and experienced local trade union representative should this be needed. As an employer we use these local trade union representatives for consultation and negotiation purposes as required.

In addition, each school has its own informal arrangements for working with individual school representatives on individual school specific issues; but such staff are not accorded paid time off for official trade union duties.